Youth homelessness represents an enduring challenge for communities. The longer youth are homeless, the more they’re exposed to the risks of economic and sexual exploitation and the more likely they are to experience trauma, declining physical and mental health and addictions. Our Activities include:

Mental Health Counselling for Homless youth

Rebuilding family relationships, emotional support , guidance and mental health counselling. Homeless youth with mental health issues will receive assessment and care from our volunteer health team.

Homeless Youth Literacy and Numeracy Program

This Program is for disadvantaged homeless young people between the ages of 16 and 24 who lack the reading, writing, and / or math skills needed for economic development

Job Training and Employment Support

Most of the Homeless young men and women have little work experience and few of the skills employers are looking for. They lack confidence and are often ill-prepared to get along in the workplace.

Getting them out of homelessness is only a start: they need to acquire the tools that build a future. When homeless youth receive employment training along with improved literacy, their chances of success increase dramatically. Through our job training and employment programme, homeless young people can gain job skills and also learn what they need to know about job hunting and the professional world.

Accommodation Support

Working together with local communities and connecting homeless young people with community resources to promote success. Protect homeless young people by finding them emergency shelter or a place to call home.

Monitoring the Project

We monitor the project activities and evaluating its outcomes on monthly basis. We make quarterly assessment report . The quarterly assessment report will be given to all  our project donors .