Who we are

Network Community is a charity organisation. We work with disadvantaged homeless youth to provide them with opportunities to progress beyond homelessness and fulfil their potential.

Effects of Youth Homelessness in London

Restricted access to Learning:  Most homeless young people are not in education, employment, or training.

Barriers to Work:  Poor qualifications and high support needs make it difficult for homeless young people to find work

Crime:  Because of Poverty and desperation many homeless young people are turning to crime, which decreases the chances of escaping their situation and thereby affects the wider society.


Our Mission

(1) Empower Disadvantaged Homeless Youth with Literacy and Training

(2) Helping Homeless Youth Gain Independence

(3) Provide homeless young people with opportunities to progress beyond homelessness and fulfil their potential

(4) Accommodation advice and support

(5) Mental Health counselling for Emotional and Physical well being